Womens interest in various fields of life has offered economic and personal benefits for women and t

Currently there are two ideological poles, representing the prevailing tendencies within the movement. Given our real need to break loose from the old patterns--socially, psychologically, and economically--and given the necessity for new patterns in the post revolutionary society, we understand, support and enjoy this tendency. However, when it is the sole emphasis, we see it leading more toward a kind of formless insulation rather than to a condition in which we can fight for and win power over our own lives.

Womens interest in various fields of life has offered economic and personal benefits for women and t

So as you age, you have to pay a higher premium.

Womens interest in various fields of life has offered economic and personal benefits for women and t

About health insurance premium, Dahiya adds, "The health insurance market has been a mixed one when one considers the concept of differential premium to men and women. While there is a clear differentiation offered in the life insurance market, health insurance - both indemnity and critical illness - has shied away from offering much of a differentiation.

The absence of a push from most insurers in this direction is due to many factors. We hypothesize that such outcomes may be a result of 1 the mainstay of the market being a floater health policy where both adult family members husband and wife are covered and hence the risk is almost always evenly spread indemnity and 2 with multiple hospitalisation events expected through the lifetime of a typical health insurance policy indemnitythe differences may not effectively remain.

Dahiya responds by saying that this is, however, changing as at least three insurers today offer differential premiums - Bajaj Allianz, Cigna TTK and Aditya Birla Health. On critical illness piece too, many companies now offer differential premiums owing to the perceived risk of women versus men.

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Cheaper interest rate on loans Many banks offer lower interest rates on home loans if a woman is applying for it or if she is the first applicant for a joint loan. Usually, the interest rate difference is around 0. The same goes for car loans too. The difference in the interest rate may not seem that much, but if looked from the perspective of net interest savings, the longer the term period and higher the loan amount, the more you save.

For instance, a Rs 30 lakh home loan in the name of a woman, or where she is a co-applicant, at the floating interest rate of 8. Here the assumption is that the interest rate is constant throughout the period. However, with the falling interest rates scenario, a borrower savings may vary.

The net savings on a car loan may not be as exponential as it is in the case of a home loan because of the fact that the tenure of the car loan is for the maximum of seven years, whereas a home loan can last up to 30 years. Some state government provide exemption with respect to stamp duty and transfer duty in case of sale deeds, conveyance deeds and gift deeds if the property is in the name of a woman.

Similarly, same rates are charged by in the case of Conveyance Deeds i.

Womens interest in various fields of life has offered economic and personal benefits for women and t

Some municipal corporation even offers a rebate in the property tax if it is in the name of a woman. For instance, Delhi Municipal Corporation All, i. Entrepreneurship To promote entrepreneurship among women, the government has introduced various policies, schemes and incentives.

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The loan provided under this scheme allows women entrepreneurs to facilitate the purchase of assets such as plant, machinery, etc. As per the government, the interest rate charged on the loan will be lowest applicable for that category and not exceed the base rate MCLR plus 3 per cent plus tenor premium.

The government is also providing training facilities for new entrepreneurs.

About Lehar Maan This scheme is offered by Dena Bank and aims at providing financial assistance to women entrepreneurs.

This includes a step by step guidance for connecting to various agencies providing expertise in skills, entrepreneurship development programs. A nominal fee is charged to avail this facility.Sep 01,  · Women who owned, or whose families owned, a mobile phone used them for personal calls, and some women were able to generate a small income by charging other women for its use.

Mobile phones have given women a safe and private way to maintain relationships and contacts, and receive support if needed. Types of Interest Groups Few would argue that one person could not make a difference in American politics.

But there is power in numbers, and political institutions are more likely to respond to a collective rather than to an individual voice. The Chinese government has made great efforts to achieve a high level of economic status for women. Since , with the founding of the People' Republic, the rate for employed women has risen.

[66] Chinese women account for 44% of the work force and % account for . WST Women & Sexuality Final.

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Women and Sexuality Final. comes the baby with the baby carriage" outlines a sequence of steps that children might internalize in terms of their personal trajectories.) "Revs up" wedding expectations, giving the message that a wedding should be the "life goal" for women) According to Laura Carpenter's.

Most women scientists work in fields like social sciences, where they make up 62% of the workforce, and biological, agricultural, and environmental life sciences, where women represent 48% of the labor pool. The Peacebuilding Initiative is an evolving project, which benefits from the knowledge and experience of its users.

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