Unsw engineering postgraduate coursework

In addition to masters degrees which can be taught, undertaken by research, or by a combination of the two there are also graduate and postgraduate diplomas and graduate certificates available. Postgraduate and graduate diplomas and certificates are generally considered to be less academically demanding than masters, and at some universities are used as pathways to masters study for students who do not initially meet entry requirements for admission to masters.

Unsw engineering postgraduate coursework

First-class honours[ edit ] First-class honours, referred to as a "first", is the highest honours classification and indicates high academic achievement.

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The upper division is commonly abbreviated to "2: The percentage of candidates who achieve upper second-class honours can vary widely by degree subject, as well as by university.

It is also informally known as a "Desmond", named after Unsw engineering postgraduate coursework Tutu Third-class honours[ edit ] Third-class honours, referred to as a "third", is the lowest honours classification in most modern universities.

Unsw engineering postgraduate coursework

Historically, the University of Oxford awarded fourth-class honours degrees and, until the late s, did not distinguish between upper and lower second-class honours degrees. Ordinary degrees may also sometimes be awarded to honours degree students who do not pass sufficient credits in their final year to gain an honours degree, but pass enough to earn an ordinary degree.

This is in contrast to English universities that have honours degrees with three years of study. An ordinary degree in Scotland is not a failed honours degree, as in certain English universities.

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Students can decide, usually at the end of their second or third year, whether or not they wish to complete a fourth honours year.

A common example of a Scottish ordinary degree is the Bachelor of Laws course taken by graduates of other subjects, as this is sufficient without honours for entry into the legal profession.

In other countries, Malawi for example, Mzuzu University offers four year ordinary degrees. The degree follows the same classification as those in the United Kingdom.

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Grades attained in the last two years year three and four including internship and dissertation, contribute to the final degree classification. Following the introduction of current regulations regarding mitigating circumstances, aegrotat degrees are less commonly awarded than they previously were.

Part II is taken at the end of final year. Each student receives a formal classification for each part i.

Unsw engineering postgraduate coursework

At the University of Oxforda formal degree Class is given, and this is typically based on the final examinations. Part I and Part II. Attaining a First Class in all three parts culminates in graduating with a "Triple First".

It is possible in some of the humanities Triposes to be awarded a "Starred First". This is generated once per year and recognizes outstanding academic achievement in final examinations. There are no set criteria for nomination to the list, but typically only a nominal number of students from each faculty are nominated per year.APAC is an independent quality and standards organisation, appointed as an external accreditation entity for the Psychology Profession in Australia under the Health Practitioner Regulation National Law .

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Tackle society's big issues alongside world-leading thinkers, movers and shakers with a postgraduate degree from UNSW Australia. UNSW / Home Country Joint Scholarships are available to promote international collaboration UNSW Scientia PhD Scheme The UNSW Scientia PhD Scholarship Scheme aims to attract new PhD scholars of exceptional quality to undertake projects in strategic research areas.

Any UNSW undergraduate (single/dual) or postgraduate (Master) coursework degree program offered by UNSW Business School, excluding those offered by AGSM.

Must have received an offer of admission* and be commencing an eligible undergraduate or postgraduate coursework degree program offered by UNSW Business School. Each scholarship will be tenable for the standard duration of a UNSW Engineering undergraduate or postgraduate coursework degree program and have a value equivalent to the recipient's full tuition fees.

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