Uniform commercial code

Download PDF version of guide for print I. What is the UCC? The Uniform Commercial Code UCCa comprehensive code addressing most aspects of commercial law, is generally viewed as one of the most important developments in American law.

Uniform commercial code

What is a UCC? The Uniform Commercial Code represents a general and comprehensive revision of the state's prior laws applicable to commercial transactions. The Code provides a uniform and easily available set of rules for the conduct of commercial transactions responsive to modern business conditions and needs.

In short, the purpose was to simplify, clarify and modernize the law s governing commercial transactions; to make uniform the law among the various jurisdictions, and to permit the continued expansion of commercial practices through custom, usage, and agreement of the parties involved.

Typically, you would not file a UCC unless you were engaged in some form of commercial transaction that involved a debtor and a secured party. A common exception is a transaction that pertains to a cooperative interest.

As an individual involved in a cooperative interest purchase, it is common practice for the secured party lender to file a UCC Financing Statement to protect their interest.

How do I file a UCC statement?

Uniform commercial code

If you were to file a UCC, your first step would be to decide where to file. This should assist you in deciding on where to file. TIFF Images will be loaded to the UCC data subscription website 5 business days after the file date and will be available for download for 30 days.

The files can be downloaded individually or in a zipped file. What are the basic UCC fees? Fees should be made payable to the "Department of State. Does the Uniform Commercial Code Division accept payment by credit card?

Search requests and documents submitted for filing may be paid by credit card. To pay for a fee by using your credit card, simply complete and sign the Credit Card Authorization Form and submit it to the Uniform Commercial Code Division with your request.

You may fax a document submitted for filing to the Uniform Commercial Code Division at Please note that all filing acknowledgment letters and search results will be returned by first class mail by the United States Postal Service.

You may request that your filing acknowledgment letter or other document be returned to you by overnight delivery service, by including your account number with the service provider or including a request to charge your credit card with the shipper for these charges.

The Uniform Commercial Code Division usually processes documents submitted for filing on a regular basis within 24 to 48 hours.

Processing of your document begins when the document or other service request is received by the appropriate unit of the Uniform Commercial Code Division.The Secretary of State’s office is the central filing office for certain financing statements and other lien documents provided for in the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC).

The Office of the Secretary of State is the central filing office for the receipt, filing, indexing and recordation of financing statements and other documents provided for under the Uniform Commercial Code and certain other lien notice statutes.

title [13] xiii commercial transactions - ohio uniform commercial code chapter general provisions chapter sales chapter commercial paper.

The Uniform Commercial Code Section operates under Chapter 25, Article 9 of the North Carolina General Statutes to provide a method of giving notice of a security interest in personal property to interested third parties. Uniform Commercial Code (Hornbooks) [James White, Robert Summers] on lausannecongress2018.com *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This book will give students a rigorous introduction to the Uniform Commercial Code without burdening them with needless lausannecongress2018.coms: 6. Uniform Commercial Code (Hornbooks) [James White, Robert Summers] on lausannecongress2018.com *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This book will give students a rigorous introduction to the Uniform Commercial Code without burdening them with needless citations. The new edition deals not only with the revisions to Article 9 but also /5(6).

This site is maintained for the Illinois General Assembly by the Legislative Information System, Stratton Building, Springfield, Illinois The Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) is a standardized set of business laws that regulate financial contracts.

The Uniform Commercial Code UCC has been fully . The Uniform Commercial Code (UCC), first published in , is one of a number of uniform acts that have been put into law with the goal of harmonizing the law of sales and other commercial transactions across the United States of America (U.S.) through UCC adoption by all 50 states, the District of Columbia, and the U.S.

Uniform commercial code


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