Semi gloss paper

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Semi gloss paper

The light intensity is registered over a small range of the reflection angle. Our comprehensive range of competitive and reasonably priced gloss meters include economical models as well as advanced versions measuring single angles or TRI angles.

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The measurement value for this defined standard is equal to Gloss Units calibration. The intensity is dependent on the material and the angle of illumination. Due to the high reflection capabilities of metals values of up to GU can be reached.

Semi gloss paper

Gloss meters and their handling procedures had to be internationally specified to allow comparison of measurment values. The angle of illumination is of high influence. In order to obtain a clear differentation over the complete measurment range from high gloss to matte, 3 different geometries, i.

In this case study 13 samples were visually ranked from mat to high gloss and measured with the 3 specified geometries. In the steep slopes of the curves the differences between the samples can be clearly measured, while in the flat part the measurement geometry no longer correlates with the visual.Double sided inkjet paper is great for the workplace, home or school.

The coating stops any image showing through on the opposite side, so both sides can be used.

Cover Paper Finish & Color Comparison

The Marrutt Traditional Baryta Hi-White Semi Gloss Paper has a brilliant white base and glossy textured finish reminiscent of traditional darkroom fibre-based papers. This genuine Canon semi-gloss photo paper has a velvety texture that gives your photos an amazingly rich quality.

Photo Paper Plus Semi-Gloss produces vibrant images with low glare and a soft glossy finish for photo lab quality prints right at home. Enjoy 50, 13" x 19" sheets in this package.

HP Designjet Large Format Instant-Dry Semi-Gloss Photo Paper is created to work with HP Designjet printers, print cartridges to deliver sharper print quality and colors that stay true and vivid.

Inkpress Duo Semi Gloss is a microporous double sided paper that is % acid and lignin free. It dries instantly and is water resistant and light fast making it ideal of high resolution printing.

The double sided coatings make it an excellent choice for brochures, portfolios, greeting cards, scrapbooking, and pre . Our Oval Semi-Gloss Paper Labels are an economical way to brand your product or packaging.

Our roll labels are designed so you can easily hand apply or use with labeling machines. Low Prices in Electronics, Books, Sports Equipment & more