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More sophisticated tops are spun by holding the axis firmly while pulling a string or twisting a stick or pushing an auger. In the kinds with an auger, an internal weight rotates, producing an overall circular motion. Some tops can be thrown, while firmly grasping a string that had been tightly wound around the stem, and the centrifugal force generated by the unwinding motion of the string will set them spinning upon touching ground.

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Production[ edit ] Sugar skulls before decoration Traditional production methods have been in use since roughly the 15th century. The process involves using molds to cast the calaveras. Traditionally made sugar skulls are considered folk art and are not meant to be consumed.

Furthermore, many calaveras feature inedible decorations, such as beads, feathers, and foil. Some skulls were formerly decorated with sombrerosthough these designs have mostly disappeared since the s.

Sugar skulls offered for sale in Mexico Large sugar skull offered for sale in Mexico "Calveritas" little skulls made of chocolate and sugar for sale in Mexico Other calaveras are produced to be edible. Most are cast as one piece from cane sugar which can either be left unflavored or flavored with vanilla [7].

Other calaveras may be made from chocolate. The calaveras are typically colored with vegetable dyes. Like the more decorative calaveras, these will sometimes have names written on the foreheads as well. Calaveras may be eaten, or kept for a few days and then thrown away. Clay skulls[ edit ] Clay toy variations of calaveras also resemble the shape of human skulls.

These toys are often painted a metallic silver color, but they may also be found in colors such as white, black, and red. Beaded eyes of many colors may also be added for decoration.

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Living personalities were depicted as skeletons exhibiting recognizable traits, making them easily identifiable. Additionally, drawings of dead personalities often contained text elements providing details of the deaths of various individuals.The philosophy behind the Reading Room is to create a space that unites the community with a culture, a food culture.

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No room at the top

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Key facts. Tuberculosis (TB) is one of the top 10 causes of death worldwide. In , 10 million people fell ill with TB, and million died from the disease (including million among people with HIV).

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