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An exception is when a label makes a distribution deal with an artist; in this case, the artist, their manager, or another party may own the copyright and masterswhile the record is licensed exclusively to the label for a set period of time. While initial recording deals usually yield a smaller percentage of royalties to the artists, subsequent or renegotiated deals can result in much greater profit, or profit potential.

Music contract

ZTT Records is founded. The Merchant Ivory film Heat and Dust is released. On the soundtrack, composed by Zakir HussainIvory is featured on tanpura with Hussain who also appeared in the film on tabla. In electronic terminals will be used in selected stores to gather sales information, and the old "sales diary" method will be gradually phased out over the next few years.

February 2 — "Menudomania" comes to New York as 3, screaming girls crowd Kennedy Airport to catch a glimpse of Puerto Rican boy band Menudowho are playing six sold-out shows at the Felt Forum.

February 26 — Michael Jackson 's Thriller album hits 1 on the US charts, the first of thirty-seven non-consecutive weeks it would spend there on its way to becoming the biggest-selling album of all time.

Music contract

February 28 — U2 releases their 3rd album War which debuts at 1 in the UK and produces the band's first international hit single. March 2 — Compact discs go on sale in the United States. They had first been released in Japan the previous October.

March 4 — Neil Young cancels the remainder of his tour after collapsing backstage in Louisville, Kentuckyafter playing for seventy-five minutes.

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Watt causes controversy when he effectively bans the Beach Boys from a return performance at the Fourth of July festivities in Washington, announcing that Wayne Newton would perform instead. Watt claims that rock bands attract "the wrong element".

That same week President Reagan, himself an avowed Beach Boys fan, presents Watt with a plaster foot with a hole in it, symbolizing that Watt had shot himself in the foot. He is replaced by Kirk Hammett. With its deliberate shift to mainstream dance-rockit would become Bowie's biggest commercial success, at Bowie, however, would experience a critical downturn for the next ten years as a result of his perceived obligation to continue appealing to fans of the album.Music contracts and publishing are not the most exciting part of the music industry, but they will determine your bottom line.

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Use these tips and resources to . The following advice is provided as a general guide to contracts and agreements. Always seek legal advice from a trade organisation or music lawyer. There are several different types of contract that an artist, band or songwriter may encounter on their journey towards a professional career.

Digital Music News is the top source for music business and technology news. DMN is for people in music! Below is a sample recording contract. This is just one of the different music contracts that are included in our set.

Our contracts range from simple single page . Having sold more than million records, Billy Joel ranks as one of most popular recording artists and respected entertainers in the world.

Throughout the years, Joel’s songs have acted as personal and cultural touchstones for millions of people, mirroring his own goal of writing songs that “meant something during the time in which I lived and transcended that time.”.

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Musician Contracts are agreements between the artist (musician or band) and a music agent or agency. The contract is intended to benefit both the agent and the artist if written well.

Our Musician Agreements are simple to make online using .

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