Mall as disneyland

Wong Nai Chung Road - located in Happy Valley next to the horse race track, there are many designer furniture stores.

Mall as disneyland

History[ edit ] Attraction at Disneyland The ride that became Star Tours first saw light as a proposal for an attraction based on the Disney live-action film The Black Hole. It would have been an interactive ride-simulator attraction where guests would have had the ability to choose the route.

Instead of completely dismissing the idea of a simulator, the company decided to make use of a partnership between Disney and George Lucasthe creator of Star Wars, that began in with the opening of Captain EO a 3-D musical film starring Michael Jackson at the California park.

Mall as disneyland

Disney then approached Lucas with the idea for Star Tours. When both simulator and film were completed, a programmer then sat inside and used a joystick to synchronize the movement of the simulator with the apparent movement on screen.

In celebration, Disneyland remained open for a hour marathon from January 9 at 10 a. However, instead of R2-D2 simply shutting it down, Boba Fett destroyed the ride's power supply using a thermal detonator achieved using pyrotechnics.

The ride was still open after the shutdown ceremony until September 7,when the attraction held its "Final Flight to Endor" exclusive to D23 members. Much was made of this throughout the ride queue, which was designed to look like a spaceship boarding terminal: This area was stocked with Audio-Animatronic characters that seemed to speak to the ride patrons including C-3PO and R2-D2as well as a life-size mock-up of a StarSpeederthe fictional spacecraft which riders were about to board.

Guests then entered a maintenance area where an apparently underproductive G2 droid performed repairs on another droid while being distracted by the observing guests, and another droid inadvertently pointed out all the supposed flaws of the StarSpeeder and its RX pilots.

The G2 droids were in fact the animatronic skeletons of two geese from the Tomorrowland attraction America Sings. A ride attendant escorted guests to one of several loading stations where they waited for their turn to ride.

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A television screen above the queue displayed a countdown to take-off time and showed images of the Starspeeder spacecraft being serviced. As launch time approached, a safety video was shown featuring Star Wars aliens, Disney Imagineers, and their families. It instructed guests how to fasten their seat belts and where to place belongings.

Once the doors to the Starspeeder opened, guests walked across bridges into one of several Starspeeder cabins. As the doors closed, the bumbling pilot droid of the ship, RX or Rex voiced by Paul Reubensappeared on the side screen and chatted to the guests about the trip as R2-D2 was loaded onto the spacecraft.

Rex lowered the cockpit shield, and the hangar crew activated the flight platform. All went well until a slight mistake on Captain Rex's part sent the Starspeeder crashing into the maintenance bay doors and plummeting into the maintenance yard.

They just barely crashed into the control room and nearly collided with a giant mechanical arm. Once in space, Rex asked R2-D2 to make the jump to lightspeed. However, the ship accidentally passed the Endor moon and instead got caught inside a comet cluster.

The ship got hit by several comets before getting trapped in one of the larger comets. The Starspeeder weaved its way through the comet and escaped by crashing through one of the walls.

Upon escaping the comet, however, the ship encountered a Star Destroyer of the Imperial Remnant. The Starspeeder got caught in its tractor beambut managed to get loose when a New Republic X-wing fighter provided assistance by destroying the tractor beam's generator.

Rex used the Starspeeder's lasers to eliminate several TIE fighters while a Republic pilot destroyed the Death Star in the same manner as Luke Skywalker by firing two proton torpedoes into the exhaust port.

The X-Wings jumped to lightspeed as the Death Star exploded, and a final lightspeed jump sent the Starspeeder back to the spaceport, nearly colliding with a fuel truck in the hangar and sending a Star Tours employee ducking under his desk. As the cockpit shield raised and cut off Rex as he apologized for the near-fatal flight, C-3PO instructed the passengers on the exit procedure and thanked them, oblivious to the perils they just faced.

The exit doors opposite the entrance then opened and the passengers proceeded across another set of bridges into the exit hall towards the Star Trader gift shop.Immerse yourself in the elegant Parisian décor of this Grand Boulevard-style hotel close to the outlet shopping mall and just a few minutes from the Disney Parks by free shuttle.

View shops at the Disneyland Resort in California. Kinect: Disneyland Adventures, also known as Disneyland Adventures, is an open world video game released on Microsoft's Xbox console and its Kinect peripheral. It is set in a virtual recreation of the Disneyland theme park circa , featuring mini-games inspired some of the park's major.

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