I wanna iguana persuasive writing lesson

Name the teaching point: Persuasive writing in letter format.

I wanna iguana persuasive writing lesson

Here is the activity that I shared! I'm Allison from Stuckey in Second. I teach second grade in Indiana. I'm so excited to be part of this collaborative blog and today I'm going to share a recent persuasive writing unit that we worked on in my classroom.

It was my first time teaching it and it turned out to be a lot of fun for the kids. I had a "plan" of teaching them how to write persuasively, but it turned out much better and more fun than I had planned!

Thank you Michelle Thom! The organizer works by having students list their opinion first, then three "re"asons, then the opinion again at the end. We read a few read I wanna iguana persuasive writing lesson together that had been suggested to me for good persuasion examples.

I'd suggest these as well! LaRue, we worked together to complete an anchor chart that listed all of the ways that Ike persuaded Mrs. LaRue into bringing him home from obedience school. This was a pretty basic activity, recalling events from the story, but we were still working on recognizing persuasion when we read it.

Note that my anchor charts are pretty authentic and the kids do help me create them. They are a work in progress before reading, during reading, and after reading. Not only did the kids love the books, but they led me into a good idea for their own persuasive writing.

We decided to first try to persuade the teacher to let us have a pet in our classroom as a shared writing.

Yes, I'm the teacher, but I worked with them as a shared writing, so I was more like one of them! We had so much fun!!! Let me lay this out in more of a step by step manner. I'm going to label it in parts, which could be separate days for you, depending on how long you spend on writing in your classroom.

Read aloud and discuss I Wanna Iguana. Create an anchor chart that lays out how the character persuaded his mother into adopting the iguana. Complete OREO planning sheet to persuade the teacher into letting the class have a class pet. Again, very authentic, show the kids your thinking, work together and do this as a shared piece, let them know that it's okay to make mistakes, and go back and proofread and edit together!

Use the OREO planning sheet to assist in writing a letter to the teacher with all of the key points that you want to make.

Explain that now that they have persuaded the teacher into letting them have a class pet she said YES! They now need to plan how to persuade their classmates into which type of pet they should get for their classroom. Here is where it can get really fun. Some of them had some funny reasons and some really funny ideas for pets!

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Let the students use the planning sheets that they have completed to write letters to persuade their classmates on which pet they should get. Here are some examples from my room. Honestly, we have trouble with writing sometimes and this was a very engaging lesson! The kids took the audience they were writing to so seriously and were so "into" the writing that I was hoping they didn't REALLY think we were going to get any of these class pets.

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It's been wonderful sharing with all of you today!Writing Mentor Texts for Kindergarten, First, and Second Grade. A Persuasive Text (Sylvia Lollis) I Wanna Iguana (Karen Kaufman Orloff) – can also be used to teach letter writing. I Wanna New Room I use the same mentor text for multiple writing lessons.

One of my favorite books to use to motivate students to write a persuasive letter.

I wanna iguana persuasive writing lesson

I have included: quick comprehension quiz - graphic organizers. Apr 03,  · While we are doing this, we are also working on writing opinion and persuasive writing pieces.

Last week we read I Wanna Iguana. As we read the story we talked about the two characters in the story and their points of view. I Wanna Iguana by Karen Kaufman Orloff and David Catrow To help put the right book in each reader's hands, consider the following comprehensive text complexity analyses within your instructional plans.

I Wanna Iguana by Karen Kaufman Orloff; In this lesson, your class gets the practice they need to sort fact from opinion. 1st grade. Reading & Writing. Lesson plan. Opinion Writers! Help your class practice the foundations of persuasive writing with this opinion and reasons worksheet.

Pair this worksheet with our Do First Grade. Writing letters to his mom convinced her to let him get his pet iguana, so Alex puts pencil to paper again, this time determined to get his own room. Though all of his powers of persuasion can't get his dad to expand the house, he does come through with a fun alternative-a tree house!

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